Getting Started with Analytics and AI for Engineers

The term “Analytics” means many different things to different people. Add to this with terms such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and people can often be left confused as to what it all means. 

This one-day course introduces you to everything you need to know to get started with Analytics and AI. It demystifies terms, teaches you how to identify suitable projects, explains the considerations that should be given to projects involving data and finishes by looking at the teams, tools and technologies used by organisations achieving success in the area.

After completing the course you will have a working knowledge of how you can use relevant tools and techniques to leverage your extensive data resources to take advantage of the latest applications of Analytics and AI in Engineering.

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Info and Costs

Date : Tuesday 20th April 2021

Time : 9.30am to 4.30pm

Duration : 1 day

Price : €425 discounted to €345 for Engineers Ireland Members

Location : Online Classroom

Should I Attend?

If you’re curious about Analytics and AI and keen to understand the benefits it can bring to your work and organisation, then yes! Likewise, maybe you already work alongside an analytics team and just want to know more about what they can do, or how you can work better with them. There are no prerequisites, just an open mind!

What will I Learn?

This workshop will be composed of a series of presentations and interactive sessions in which Krisolis will lead you through the development of solutions for particular types of problems. The main topics covered will be:

Introducing Analytics and AI: Fundamentals, examples and case studies. 

We’ll look at the terminology and key techniques used and how they all fit together. Throughout this discussion we’ll refer to examples of how different companies have used analytics and AI. Attention will be given to explain how these techniques have been applied to areas of interest to the members of Engineers Ireland – e.g. RPA, Predictive Maintenance

Architecting Data Driven Solutions. 

The goal of an organisation is to increase revenues, capture market share, increase customer satisfaction etc. Your data can’t do any of these things directly, but it can really help. The first step in any successful analytics project is converting an organisation goal into a concrete analytics solution. This session will focus on how to convert a selection of goals into a list of data driven solutions that could be pursued.

Data Projects Aren’t Like Other Projects.

CRISP-DM is a widely used and reliable process for running analytics projects. Important parts of this process include assessing the data and organisational requirements of any proposed analytics project. This session will explain the CRISP-DM process highlighting the key decisions that need to be made when implementing analytics solutions.

How to Get Started: Teams, tools & technologies. 

Organisations that successfully use data driven solutions have the right team surrounded by the right tools and technologies. This presentation will describe the key issues involved in bringing together a world-class analytics team and look at the major technologies available and what to consider when it comes to selecting different options.

The Master
Aoife D’Arcy

Aoife is the Co-Founder and CEO of Krisolis. She is an expert in analytics strategy, application, customer insight, fraud, and risk analytics. She’s an experienced trainer, and analytics mentor. She has worked in Ireland and abroad with some of the biggest names in banking, finance, insurance, gaming and manufacturing.