NEW DATES & NOW ONLINE – The 2020 Krisolis Masters Series in partnership with DatSci.Ai

With events of the last couple of weeks impacting daily life in Ireland we have made the decision to “re-locate” the Krisolis Masters Series to a fully online environment.

This means, that not only can we continue to provide this unique learning opportunity, but you can now experience it from the comfort, and safety, of your own home, joined by colleagues from the data science community in Ireland and beyond.

Updated dates are below, and please visit our events page here to find out more about our updated pricing, and how you can sign up.

The Krisolis Masters Series

The Krisolis Masters Series in partnership with DatSci.Ai is a series of webinars and Master Classes designed for Analytics, AI & Machine Learning professionals. Delivered by masters in the field, and focused on real-world application of cutting edge techniques, they’re designed to leave you not only understanding the latest developments, but also equipped with the knowledge to apply them in your own organisation. These sessions will provide a unique learning opportunity for professionals to learn the latest techniques and developments from the academics on the front-line of research, combined with a sharp focus on everyday application.

The current schedule is a combination of free webinars and Intensive Master Classes, all available online –

*Please note, Online Masterclasses are scheduled to run at 9.30am to 1pm on the dates below.

Deep Learning Uncovered Free Webinar Tues 31st March
Online Masterclass Tues 28th & Thurs 30th April
Network Analytics Free Webinar Tues 21st April
Online Masterclass Tues 19th & Thurs 21st May
Conversational Interfaces Free Webinar Tues 26th May
Online Masterclass Tues 23rd & Thur 25th June
Semi-Supervised Learning Free Webinar Tues 18th August
Online Masterclass Tues 15th & Thurs 17th Sept
Reinforcement Learning Free Webinar Tues 22nd September
Online Masterclass Tues 20th & Thurs 22nd Oct

Find out more information about the courses and pricing by visiting our events page here. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KrisolisHQ and LinkedIn for all the latest updates and information about our faculty, industry experts and the classes themselves.

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