The Masters Series – Semi-Supervised Learning

For many data analytics scenarios, while data is freely available, labelled data can be very scarce and expensive to collect. Semi-supervised machine learning algorithms couple small amounts of labelled data with large amounts of unlabelled data to build predictive models. In this free webinar Krisolis will be exploring the latest developments in this area with Dr Brian Mac Namee, and hearing about real-life applications from Dr. Bogdan Sacaleanu of Accenture The Dock.

As well as a panel discussion about Semi-Supervised Learning and its applications, there will be a brief demonstration of some of the latest techniques as well as the opportunity to ask questions. All attendees will receive a copy of the notes and access to a recording.

The Krisolis Masters Series, in partnership with The DatSci’s, is a series of webinars and Master Classes designed for Analytics, AI & ML professionals. Delivered by masters in the field, but focused on real-world application of techniques, they’re designed to leave you not only understanding the latest developments, but also equipped with the knowledge to apply them in your own organisation.

Date : Tuesday 18h August 2020

Time : 12:30pm

Duration : 45 mins

Location : Online Webinar

Event Panel

Dr. Brian MacNamee

Aoife D’Arcy

Dr. Bogdan Sacaleanu
Accenture, The Dock