Who we are, where we’re from
and why we’re ‘Krisolis’

Since 2009 when we were called The Analytics Store, Krisolis has been working with companies of every size in every industry throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and the United States. Through training, mentoring and consulting, we’ve helped them to grow and become some of the most successful names in their respective fields.

Rather than simply providing standard training courses in data analytics, we combine our skills as leading analytics experts with a sharp focus on what our clients need. We work hard to understand your business, where it has come from and where it’s going. Our team becomes a part of your team, coaching and supporting individuals, teams, departments and the entire organisation.

Whether you’re just starting out with analytics or you are experts, we’ll help you at any and every stage of your analytics development. We’ll help with one-off projects or we’ll stay by your side until you don’t need us any more.

We believe that to get the best from the science of analytics you need to develop your own in-house analytics skills. Krisolis will help you to weave analytics into the fabric of your decision-making by giving you the right mix of training, mentoring and consultancy.

You’ll uncover the insights hidden in the data you collect about customers and competitors and this can help show you the benefits and risks to your decision making for better business outcomes.

Analytics is a powerful tool for any business. We show you how to use that tool, how to get more from it and how to perfect it through skills development and non-stop support.

Krisolis is a unique word. A phonetic derivative of chrysalis which represents the change, growth and maturity we, and you, will go through.