The wider Krisolis faculty brings a set of skills that compliments and enhances that of the core team. They bring expertise from across industry and academia and are at the cutting edge of their fields. This enables us to deliver first class training across all areas of machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence that help our customers to always stay ahead. You can find out more about the expertise of our wider faculty below:

Dr. Derek Greene
Expert Faculty

Derek is a distinguished academic with two decades of experience in the field of machine learning. Holding a PhD in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, he has an impressive record of scholarly contributions. Derek’s passion for merging research with education is evident in the comprehensive training courses he conducts at Krisolis, where he brings complex concepts to life with clarity and enthusiasm.

His research interests are broad and dynamic, spanning machine learning, natural language processing, and social network analysis. At Krisolis, Derek is pivotal in demonstrating the real-world impact of machine learning and AI. He excels at helping clients understand and leverage these technologies to drive their business forward, embodying Krisolis’s commitment to practical, impactful applications of data science.

Anna Cargill
Expert Faculty

Anna has navigated an impressive journey spanning over two decades in statistics, data science, and machine learning, with her expertise extending across multiple industries. Renowned for her engaging teaching style, Anna excels in breaking down complex topics, making them accessible and relatable. 

Anna brings her wealth of experience and passion for data to Krisolis, where she ensures that learning is not only informative but also interactive and fun. She focuses on making complex data science topics accessible to all participants, enriching Krisolis’ offerings with her innovative teaching methods and deep knowledge of data-driven technologies. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anna is a mother to three lovely children, and her ability to inspire a love for learning in others are the hallmarks of her successful career and personal life.

Dr. Jack O’Neill
Expert Faculty

Jack has dedicated his career to education, with a rich background that bridges literature, philosophy, and computer science. His journey from a student of the humanities to a software developer and lecturer in computer science is marked by a lifelong passion for learning and teaching. Jack is a fervent educator who strives to ignite a sense of wonder and joy in every subject he teaches.

His research interests lie in human-in-the-loop machine learning systems, and the application of educational theory in computer science. At Krisolis, Jack is pivotal in developing and delivering comprehensive courses in data science and machine learning, drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience to provide high-quality, engaging educational programs.

Dr. Kevin Koidl
Expert Faculty

Dr. Kevin Koidl is a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, with a PhD in AI-based Personalisation Systems from Trinity College Dublin. His academic journey also includes a Dual Masters in Business and Computer Science, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the Technical University Darmstadt.

Kevin’s research primarily focuses on the applications of AI in social media, e-commerce, and other online environments. As an educator, Kevin has an extensive teaching portfolio that spans undergraduate to postgraduate levels, covering Natural Language Processing, Business Analytics, and Data Science. 

In his role at Krisolis, Kevin leverages his vast experience in both academic research and industry skills development, enriching the learning experiences of clients and helping them to navigate the complexities of today’s data-driven environments.

Dr. Haithem Afli
Expert Faculty

Dr. Haithem Afli is a distinguished academic, innovative entrepreneur, and dedicated educator known for his pioneering contributions to the field of artificial intelligence. His research focuses on responsible AI applications, particularly in NLP and machine learning, with a special emphasis on the social sciences, biology, and AI Ethics and Governance.

At Krisolis, Dr. Afli brings his extensive expertise to enhance the educational and developmental programs offered. His role involves delivering tailored training modules that bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI research and practical, real-world applications, ensuring that Krisolis stays at the forefront of AI education and consultancy.

Dr. Ellen Rushe
Expert Faculty

Ellen is an accomplished researcher in the field of AI, having completed her PhD in machine learning in 2021. With a strong interdisciplinary approach, Ellen has garnered extensive experience in developing and applying machine learning techniques to tackle real-world challenges. Her work in anomaly detection in audio and gesture recognition in video showcases her ability to harness the power of AI in diverse and dynamic environments.

At Krisolis, Ellen is integral to the development and delivery of cutting-edge machine learning and data science programs. She applies her expertise in temporal data and novelty detection to design courses that are not only technically rigorous but also highly applicable to modern industry challenges. Ellen’s role involves collaborating closely with clients to ensure that the solutions and training provided align with their specific needs and help them leverage AI technologies effectively. 

Dr. Vivek Nallur
Expert Faculty

Vivek is a seasoned academic and industry professional whose career has spanned across the globe, from Silicon Valley’s tech giants to innovative startups. With around 20 years of experience navigating the intersections of research, academia, and industry, Vivek’s journey is marked by a continuous exploration of new challenges and frontiers.

Currently, Vivek’s main interest is in the study of machine ethics, focusing on the implementation and verification of ethical frameworks within autonomous systems. At Krisolis, Vivek is instrumental in shaping programs that emphasise the importance of fairness and ethics in machine learning and AI. His guidance ensures that clients not only harness the power of these technologies but also do so with a conscientious approach that aligns with societal values and ethical principles.

Dr. Anthony Ventresque
Expert Faculty

Dr. Anthony Ventresque brings a wealth of expertise and international experience to his role at Krisolis. Anthony received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Nantes & INRIA France in 2008. Anthony is a seasoned academic and industry professional whose career has spanned across the globe, from Singapore to Ireland. 

At Krisolis, Dr. Ventresque is instrumental in developing and leading advanced training programs in computer science, software development and Big Data. The courses he delivers are designed to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and practical application, enabling professionals to enhance their skills in complex software solutions.