Customised Learning Paths

Our customised learning paths allow your organisation to create role-based learning journeys designed to upskill staff and empower them to implement the strategic goals of your organisation.

Each role has different learning needs and will engage with data driven solutions for different reasons. Some will need to design and build those data driven solutions, while others will need to use these solutions to improve business outcomes.

Our learning paths are custom built to meet your organisational needs. This in turn will lead to an enriched use of data science, analytics, machine learning and AI across your organisation. Companies can integrate any combination of our courses, workshops and adoption offerings to create the most effective learning solution for your teams.

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Examples of Customised Learning Paths

  • Role

    Graduate Programme

  • Role

    Dashboard Developers

  • Role

    Data Analysts

  • Role

    AI Engineers

Graduates will embark on a dynamic journey in data science, machine learning, and AI, expanding academic knowledge through hands-on applications. They’ll refine data, utilise machine learning algorithms, and solve industry challenges. Through a blend of training, mentorship, projects, and continuous learning, they’ll evolve into proficient data and AI professionals, directly contributing to advancing initiatives and driving organisational growth. This comprehensive learning path ensures they stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

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Dashboard Developers craft interactive, data-driven dashboards that visually present key metrics for organisations. They gather user requirements, select appropriate data visualisation tools, and design user-friendly dashboards for quick decision-making. This learning path enables them to bridge complex data sets with business outcomes efficiently and effectively.

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Data Analysts interpret data for decision-making as they collect, process, and analyse diverse data. They provide insights using statistical techniques and visualisations, requiring strong analytical and communication skills. This learning path enhances their capabilities with advanced data and statistical tools, while staying focued on industry relevant applications.

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AI Engineers lead the creation and refinement of machine learning models, analysing data, developing algorithms, and collaborating across teams to integrate AI technologies, driving organisational success through this learning path’s focus on staying updated with the latest trends and methodologies.

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