AI Masterclass for Senior Leaders:

This short one-day workshop will equip Senior Leaders with the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as identify its potential use and associated implications for organisations.

From automated decision making, to tools that can generate novel images and text, to robots that can automatically complete business tasks – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving into the mainstream. Companies are increasingly using generative AI, machine learning, and other AI-based technologies to enhance their business processes, performance, and outcomes. The frontier of what is possible with AI is advancing quickly, and there is a need for organisations to upskill senior staff members to keep pace with this growth.

Is this course for me?

This programme is aimed at Senior Leaders and Executives who are interested in understanding what Artificial Intelligence is, its potential uses, and how it can be applied in your organisation. In particular, we will focus on how your organisation can create a strategy and framework for creating trustworthy AI solutions that will take advantage of this new technology, while putting the guardrails in place to protect you and your customers.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the terminology and concepts surrounding Artificial Intelligence.
  • Recognise the ethical and regulatory considerations when applying AI solutions.
  • Understand the importance of governance, consistency and quality surrounding the use of AI.
  • Identify opportunities that AI solutions may support in your business area.

How will I learn?

This is an interactive in-person programme which will use a mixture of presentations, discussions and challenges, providing an opportunity to learn with, and from other business leaders implementing, or considering implementing, AI within their organisations.

Date: 17th September 2024

Time: 9am – 4.30pm

Location: Portal, Trinity Business School, Dublin