When you use analytics but you know you can
get more from it, start to get ahead with Krisolis here

Krisolis will get you there

If you use analytics already but you know you could get more from it. For your business to be the leader in your industry you need the best information and any insights, immediately and constantly, and you do that with the best trained and supported analytics team. That starts with Krisolis.

We will take a good look at your data and analytics strategy, examining it to make sure it fits with your overall strategic goals and contains markers that are achievable. We’ll talk to you about team building and skills development so that your team can apply the plan effectively. You also need to embed your analytics skills and we’ll help you to do that with a unique blend of consultancy and mentoring.

This is how Krisolis will help you to improve your analytics:

Your strategy may have been in place for a couple of years, or is working well, but not brilliantly. Krisolis will come in and work with you to identify ways in which you can supercharge your activities to deliver quick wins. We’ll help to refine your analytics strategy to take your team and your business to the next level.

You probably have an analytics team in place, so the focus will be on ensuring that team has all the skills they need and then making sure they are well practiced in them. Our tailored skills development programmes are designed to create a data literate workforce and with the expertise to apply cutting-edge, data-enabled solutions throughout your organisation, using:

  • Visualisation and storytelling
  • Fundamentals of machine learning
  • Time series analysis
  • Fundamentals of big data
  • Programming in Python and R
  • Tools training in SAS, IBM Watson, Tableau and others

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Often teams know what they’re doing when it comes to their data but sometimes they lose sight of the overall objective. Using our Agile Analytics Framework we work with your team to create a standard process and best practice for analytics projects that will help them to engage with the rest of the business in the best possible way.

Once projects are up and running, Krisolis mentoring support will help you to try new approaches and technologies. Having our team of experts behind you will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

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