When you want to use cutting edge analytical
techniques, technology and training, then we’re with you.

Krisolis knows exactly what to do

You know that analytics can help you to stay well ahead of the game and so you know you need expert help to make the most of this evolving science, its cutting-edge techniques, technology, skills development, theories and global best practice. That’s where Krisolis comes in.

To help your team to perfect your use of analytics we will assist your experts in honing their skills further, using advanced workshops and mentoring sessions. Our team will become an integrated part of yours, working together to find innovative solutions to any business problem.

This is how Krisolis can help you to perfect your analytics:

In a team of experts, everyone knows what they’re doing. The challenge is to make sure that the entire team is working in a cohesive way together. Using workshops and training Krisolis will help you to establish more integrated ways of working and best practice – whether in project delivery or writing code as a team.

Your team will all have established skills. The issue is keeping them challenged and progressing. Our tailored skills development programmes are designed to create a data literate workforce with the expertise to apply cutting-edge, data-enabled solutions throughout your organisation.

At this level, we often create bespoke courses based upon an organisation’s requirements, covering topics that include:

  • Networks analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Time series analysis
  • Semi-supervised learning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Deep learning
  • Robotics
  • Chat bots
  • Image processing

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Analytics helps you innovate, but how do you ensure you’re creating enough space and opportunity to do this? Krisolis will make sure your team has the perfect mindset with which to thrive by providing workshops, mentoring and consultancy support built around the industry’s latest tools and technology. Whether you want a proof of concept delivered, or the best brains to check your work, we’re here to help.

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