Training Programmes
Network Analytics

Duration : 2 Days

Technologies : python

Overview : Many business needs in the realm of analytics can be addressed using network analysis.  Examining data for communities or matrices of co-occurring elements, events or people can be useful in detecting items as diverse as influencers, fraud and communities of buyers.  This course provides in-depth exposure to techniques that can be used to model networks within data.

Objectives : At completion, delegates will be ready to effectively deploy these techniques in the discovery of actionable insight within their organisations..

Who : This course is aimed at technical data scientists.

Pre-requisites : An understanding of analytics techniques and basis statistics is assumed.

Outline : The course will explore the following topics through a series of presentation and practical based sessions.

  • Creating & Characterising Networks Predictive modelling
  • Pattern & Anomaly Detection in Network
  • Finding Communities in Networks
  • Classification & Dynamic Network