Announcing Our New Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

We are delighted to be launching a new and innovative  CPD programme, a “Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, to introduce participants to the key skills and concepts in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

This exciting initiative has been developed in partnership with TU Dublin and Women in AI and is fully funded by Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet.

The programme marks the first Krisolis course certified by TU Dublin, and successful completion will earn participants a 10 ECTS CPD Award at NFQ Level 8.

Who Should Attend This Programme?

Are you looking to transition into a career in Artificial Intelligence but are unsure about where to start? Do you have a technical background but feel some of your skills need updating? Does your role require you to have a good grounding in the subject of Artificial Intelligence without being an expert? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the programme for you. This programme has been designed as an introduction to the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence. It is specifically targeted at those with an interest in, and aptitude for, transitioning into the field of Artificial Intelligence but who do not necessarily have a background in Artificial Intelligence or a related area. 

Why Should I Learn About Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence as a discipline has evolved significantly in recent times and is moving more and more into the mainstream. Companies are increasingly using robots, machine learning and other AI based technologies to enhance their business processes, performance and outcomes.  In fact, the Future Jobs Report released by the World Economic Forum in October 2020 states ‘the leading positions in growing demand are roles such as Data Analysts and Scientists, AI and Machine Learning Specialists and Robotics Engineers’. The field is continuously growing in importance, and Ireland is fast becoming a pioneer in the space. This short and focused programme aims to give you the skills required to transition to a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, or the programme can be used as a gateway into further education in the area.

What Will I Learn?

Over 12 weeks you will learn what Artificial Intelligence is, how it can be applied to solve specific problems, and how to work through a specific problem from concept to project completion. You will be introduced to key mathematical concepts and programming skills. You will also learn how to present insights gained in a project to a more general audience, and of course consideration will be given to the ethical and societal implications of building and deploying Artificial Intelligence solutions

Key topics covered and questions answered in the course will include:

  • What is AI?
  • What can AI be used for? Separating some of the myths from the realities.
  • How to design and architect AI solutions.
  • An overview of the tools and technologies used for building AI solutions.
  • Programming with Python
  • The key mathematical techniques needed for AI 
  • Ethical practice in AI 

How Will I Learn?

The programme will run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6.30pm to 9.00pm as a live classroom event. The course material will include video recordings as well as readings, exercises, and assignments. Each student will receive 1-1 private mentoring sessions. Assessment of learning achievement will be through a mix of on-line examination, class assignments, a personal learning journal compiled in an academic style, and a capstone project addressing a specific AI problem or issue.

Apply Now for our Course Starting on 24th November

There are 35 fully funded places available for the initial programme which commences on 24th November 2020. 

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020

To find more information about eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet here.  

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