Case study

Hostelworld Group

Hostelworld is a global hostel-focussed online booking platform, with over 17,700 hostel properties across more than 179 countries. It delivers a unique experience to travellers, inspiring their adventures and facilitating stays with the best choice of hostels around the world. Going above and beyond a standard online booking platform it endeavours to create a community where like-minded travellers can see the world, meet new people and come back with extraordinary stories to tell.

Caoimhe de FreinLead Data Scientist at Hostelworld, got in touch with Krisolis to help her create better internal processes within her team. Rather than formal training, she was looking for mentoring support from someone who had the experience to guide her team through their projects, enabling them to learn on the job and support their skills development. Having attended Krisolis training, it was the blend of analytics know how, and real-world business experience that made them the right fit. 

The engagement started with a Kick-Start Workshop with the Analytics Team and its key stakeholders. Over the course of the day, the team’s stakeholders gained an insight into the power of Data Science and what it could do for them. The team itself came away with a set of project processes and procedures, as well as having further developed the soft skills needed to communicate better with the business. 

“One of the best things Krisolis brought to us is a process for our data science projects, which enables us to work a lot closer with other teams in the business. They provided us with the basic skills to get a project over the line by improving the way we communicate our value with all areas of the business.”

Following the initial workshop Krisolis has mentored the Hostelworld team on a project-by-project basis. The relationship delivered immediate impact and value to the business, allowing the first project to be delivered in two weeks as opposed to the two months it may have taken without Krisolis support.

“You can get lost in data science projects, they can easily go on for months and by the time you come up for air, the enthusiasm from the business isn’t as strong. Being able to turn around a project so quickly means it’s fresh in people’s minds and comes with maximum impact.”

Caoimhe’s advice for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation – “call Krisolis!

“Krisolis understands how a business runs and how data science fits into a business. They know how to navigate an organisation to ensure it sees the value of data science, so it becomes a need to have, not a nice to have.”

Caoimhe de Frein, Lead Data Scientist