The Analytics Store evolves into Krisolis

The people behind Krisolis

Aoife D’Arcy and Dr Brian Mac Namee founded Krisolis in 2009. As the analytics industry was in its infancy, they spotted a gap in the market for a consultancy that was focused on supporting an organisation’s growth in the area, rather than just providing one off training or delivering projects.

Since 2009 we have been working with companies of every size in every industry throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and the United States. Through training, mentoring and consulting, we’ve helped them to grow and become some of the most successful names in their respective fields.

As she celebrates 10 years in business, Aoife D’Arcy, Co-Founder and CEO reflects on what has made Krisolis succeed in an increasingly competitive market. “We have always believed that to get the best from analytics companies need to develop their own in-house skills. We want to give them the confidence to run projects themselves, make decisions themselves and build their own success – not have to rely on others to do it for them!”

Krisolis is the new name for the Analytics Store. Like our clients, we have evolved and grown. Far more than training, wider than mentoring, closer than consulting, we can show you how good analytics can bring a clearer view and a better understanding of your business, your industry, your customers and your opportunities. Krisolis will be with you at every and any step, giving you the expertise, support and confidence to make better decisions and grow your business.

Why the change from The Analytics Store to Krisolis?

Aoife explains the decision “Our old name simply doesn’t represent what we do anymore. We help clients weave analytics into the very fabric of their decision-making by delivering them the right mix of training, mentoring and consultancy. It is often a truly transformational process for them. Our new name represents the change, growth and maturity we, and our clients, go through.”

Empowering Expertise

Having worked with a who’s who of Irish businesses, for many Krisolis is one of the secrets behind their success. Accenture, Eir, Irish Life, Laya Healthcare, permanentTSB, Bank of Ireland, various government departments and more – all turn to Krisolis when they need training and support with analytics.

Krisolis is a unique word. A phonetic derivative of chrysalis which represents the change, growth and maturity we, and our clients, will go through together.

Krisolis – With you at any and every step of your analytics journey.

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